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We design innovative, bespoke Investment Products and solutions Actively managed by our Investment team across a range of Asset Classes From fixed income, equities , Cash or money market and Alternatives. Within our Asset management division we work with a broad range of institutional clients such as pension funds, medical aids and large corporates.

We particularly provide our institutional clients with segregated Investment solutions based on a deep understanding of our clients needs and the flexibility to make adjustments to investment strategies based on market conditions and changing client needs.

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Investment Management


Investment Research


Multi-Asset Management

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Our Services

We design innovative, bespoke investment products and solutions across the range of asset classes that are actively managed by our investment team. Strategies include equities, fixed income, cash/money market and alternative solutions.

Actively Managed Investments Solutions

We offer Actively Managed Investment Solutions where, under a discretionary mandate, our manager or a management team makes decisions about how to invest to best achieve the objective of the mandate.

Institutional Asset / Investment Management

Institutional Investor Solutions can be designed to facilitate risk appropriate investments profiled across a variety of different financial instruments and asset classes. This can either be as a sole manager, a lead manager or as a co-manager with a responsibility for a specific mandate within a diversified strategy.

Investment Research

We conduct Investment Research where we perform in depth studies of the performance of different types of asset classes through the economic cycles and identify the universe of potential investments that best meets our risk reward criteria. Sound research determines the construction of the portfolio in terms of asset allocation, sector allocation, the value proposition of specific investments and trading strategies to unlock value.

Multi-Asset Management

Where applicable we adopt a multi-asset strategy that combines different types of assets, such as stocks, bonds, real estate or cash to create a flexible and diversified portfolio. We continuously monitor the macro environment for opportunities to appropriately rebalance the asset classes and our size allows us to be nimble within sectors to optimise opportunities we identify.

Actively management
investment solutions

Our clients’ investment goals are material to everything we do.

Exceptional performance
& consistency

Rely on a blended team of youth and
experience for a dynamic approach
to investing.

A structured well thought out
long-term investment approach.

Rely on tried and tested investment
experience to safely navigate volatile
asset classes.

A Data driven, bottom-up
approach to investing

Develop and nurture young
financial services professionals

The Team

We have a synergistic way of working with each other, committed and working towards a shared goal

Farai Mapfinya

Chief Executive Officer / Executive Director: Investments

BSc (IT), BCom (Hons) ,MBA Candidate (GIBS) 16 years

Stephen Motseki

Head of Business Development

BCom, MBA, MPhil
15 years

Munya Nyama

Executive Director : Strategy and Operations

BCom Finance, BSc (Engineering), MBA Candidate (UCT)
25 years

Bruce Anderson

Key Individual

BCom, CA(SA)
33 years

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  • Phone: ‭+27 21 794 3140
  • Email: info@aequalisam.com
  • Website: www.aequalisam.com

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Private Bag X21
Cape Town

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Authorised Financial Service Provider #44549